Case Study : Management Buyout of Family-Owned Business

The second-generation owners of a well established regional Home Improvement retail chain sought to transition ownership to company management. No family members were involved in company management, while the well-regarded company management team had very limited financial resources.

  1. Kellogg worked with all stakeholders to evaluate their capabilities, needs and expectations.
  2. Based on his analysis of the company and market, an equitable purchase price was established and agreed to by all parties.
  3. Kellogg then developed a creative financing structure that allowed management to obtain ownership control, while minimizing seller taxes. At the same time, adequate financial strength was ensured at the operating company.
  4. Kellogg oversaw the entire process, from evaluating all parties’ needs, to structuring the transactions, and pushing all parties to a successful closure.

Case Studies

What Our Clients Say

“David has been the ideal facilitator for helping our fifty-year-old $35M family hardware business complete the generational transfer of ownership to management. He handled all the internal and external stakeholders with professionalism and decency that resulted in everyone feeling heard, respected, and well served. I will forever be thankful for his steady hand making this financial and emotional transition for our family a success rather than a replay of a Shakespearian tragedy.”

- Greg Kidd
  Co-Founder and CEO, GlobaliD
  Founding Partner, Hard Yaka

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